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RESTORing Your Home

11 days ago Puxantawney Phil saw his shadow and he indicated we have 6 more weeks of winter ahead of us in the Midwest.  As we start imagining the thought of colorful blooming daffodils, tulips and the smell of lilacs wafting through the air, some of you might be starting to ponder ideas for your own home improvements.  I know I have been sorting through pictures of Houzz, pinning pictures on Pinterest, and flipping through old and new copies of Better Homes & Gardens to clip ideas on how I want the exterior of my home to look for the next few decades.

I personally love the look of James Hardie plank siding replicating 3.5″ cedar lap siding on an Arts & Crafts home.  That type of exterior renovation can be more costly when your involving 3 or 4 types of pre-finished Hardie siding profiles.  I’ve contemplated ordering it primed and painting the Hardie plank myself.  However, a 15 year warranty against peeling, cracking and chipping is hard to refuse as my hobbies shift more towards grandchildren, free-time on the weekends and that my knees knock a little worse on 2-story ladders than they did 10 years ago.

What that warranty means to me is;  I will not be out touching up the clap board  finish on that old house every summer to prevent the annual blister and peeling paint that comes with extreme heat and humidity.    As I researched 2015 trending “Cost vs Value” on Return on Investment home improvements, I was delighted to learn that my newest home improvement projects will certainly sustain longevity in my life-time and a hefty return on resale value for my pocket-book.

New Roofing:

Adding a new roof to your home can add significant value to your home.  There are many variables that contribute to the value of your home and those numbers can vary based on a number of factors.  According to Real a homeowner should be able to recoup upwards of 80% of the expenses of new roof.  In addition,  the study indicates that a new roof can add value upwards of 80% or more at resale.  Variables include:  Area and price of median homes. Condition of old roof it replaces. Dramatic upgrades and price of materials. Style of roof and efficiency of roof and increased appraisal value.

New Siding:

When it comes to a return on your investment, adding new siding to your home can boost resale value.  Depending on the type of siding installed on the home you will recoup almost 79% or more on your investment.  Leading the report with the best return was fiber-cement siding.  It came in number 2 on the top 10 list with a 83.9% ROI.  Although it is more expensive, than vinyl it still is perceived as “the perception of quality.”  Coming in second; was the mid-range siding came in at 81.5% ROI.   Finally, a foam-backed vinyl siding according to “Cost vs. Value Report” came in at  79.5% ROI.  The 3 siding choices all ranked in the top 10 projects for long term return on investment.

Shut the New Front Door:

A new front entry door lead the projects list with a whopping 98% return on investment.  Replacing that drafty wooden door from the 1970’s with a insulated steel door not only saves on energy costs, but also is the lowest cost investment for a home by far with the largest return.  Not only is it a focal point of a home but has a much impacted curb appeal.  Keep in mind ordering a new front door should be left to a contractor order to ensure your measurements and jamb width are correct.  No DIY homeowner wants to order a custom front door, only to discover that they have ordered the wrong size after it was removed.

As Spring rapidly approaches and your thoughts waiver towards your next home improvement project, always remember to contact a trusted contractor like RESTOR Property Restorations with your home improvement projects.  Not every homeowner’s destiny is to be a journeyman carpenter and renovate their home.  Ordering and installing special order siding, roofing, or doors & windows is best left to the pros.  Not only will your home be professionally updated and energy efficient; it will reward you with a substantial return on your investment for your home

For your next remodeling project contact RESTOR at 317-644-0099 or visit us on the web at for your FREE estimate.