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As April rapidly approaches and spring is finally around the corner, the odds significantly increase that atmospheric changes will spur large hail-producing thunderstorms.  

Depending on the magnitude of the storm and size of hail, these information tips will help you know what to look for.  The first indicator is the divots or indentations hail produces on a roof.  Typically, other roof components are also damaged during a storm such as skylights, metal roof ventilation and gutters.


Shingles could be cracked or broken.  The most common form of hail damage is divots or crushed spots where the roofing granules rupture the reinforcing asphalt mat and displace granules sufficient enough to expose the asphalt shingle mat.   This leads to the shingles drying, cracking and finally, shingle failure.


When impacted, hail can crack cedar shake shingles.  What happens is when the hail strikes the area, it splits the shingle parallel with the wood grain.  As a direct result of hail, it can cause wood shingles to break-off a roof.


Hail damage can crack slate roofing.  Although cracking typically occurs when hail strikes this product, damage may be a more random pattern.  In addition, slate tiles are kept in place by a series of fasteners.  If the slate tiles are loose they could potentially slide off a roof.


It all depends on the size of the hail:

  • Less than 1″ About the size of a quarter, it can inflict damage to a roof.  It is always best to have a qualified contractor do a visual inspection of the roof.
  • 1-2″: If the size of hail is between 1″ & 2″ inches or between the size of a quarter to small lemon, it will be readily obvious there is hail damage on asphalt shingles.  It is always best to have a qualified contractor like RESTOR do a thorough visual inspection of the roof.


  • Inspect your home’s roof and additional roofing components like skylights, gutters, ventilation and siding.
  • Provide you expert assistance through the insurance claims process.
  • Full cooperation with insurance claims and adjusters.
  • RESTOR uses Xactimate software which is solely utilized in the insurance industry.
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